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Dear Customer;

After much thought the owner has decided to close Hydromatic Irrigation and the Submatic website. Last year’s abundance of rain fall across the US was great for the country but that meant sales were down for irrigation supplies.

With low sales, the rising cost of shipping and the hardships facing small business owners we were not able to make enough money to keep a float through the winter months.

Starting January 25th 2016 we will sell off our entire in stock inventory at a 35% discount.

February 15th the remaining inventory will be sold at 50% off.

March 1st any inventory left will be sold at 75% off

To order call 1-800-692-4100

E2 and E4 emitters WILL NOT be included in this sale. Those emitters will continue to be sold through our sister company CCW Landscape, who has acquired the mold for those emitters. Starting March 1st you will need to email aaron.ccwlandscape@outlook.com to order those.

Thanks, Submatic

Hydromatic Irrigation