Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I have watered enough?

Tensiometers are available for that purpose. You may also use a 12" long screwdriver to determine if it is wet or dry.

How deep should the wetted area be?

This depends upon the type of grass you have. Most grasses, including Bermuda, have a deep root system, and the best results are obtained by watering deep to a depth of 12" or more.

What if an emitter becomes plugged?

Don't try to fix the emitter that is plugged. Just uncover the emitter hose and install another one where it is dry.

Should I keep the top of the ground dry?

No. Better to leave the system on long enough to bring water to the ground surface

What is the best spacing?

This depends upon the soil type and other factors. Let Submatic design your system for the best results.

Should emitter lines be installed downhill?

No. Install the submain down the slope, and install the emitter lines across the slope.

Can I fertilize through the system?

Yes. Submatic has several types of fertilizer injectors available for this purpose.

Will roots grow into the emitters?

Not likely, if you keep the soil at the root zone wet.