Drip Irrigation is the best way to irrigate.

Here's why:

1. Higher Yields & Quality:

The even, regular and uniform application of water results in healthier growth, increased yields, and consistent quality. Drip and micro-spray irrigation helps break the cycle of "too wet - too dry" soils that stress plants and retard growth.

2. Saves time, water and money.

Drip irrigation uses up to 50% less water than sprinkler, hose, or flood irrigation. It will lower your water bill or pumping costs while freeing you up from the chore of watering. By pinpointing water delivery to individual plants, water is not available for weeds. The most tedious part of gardening, weeding, is minimized.

3. Adjusts to the needs of each plant.

Through proper selection of components and the use of a timer, plants will receive the moisture they need for healthy growth.